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XPDay is the conference that brings together leading agile practitioners to share their experiences with application of agile practices and principles in their industry and share challenges, successes and failures in their adoption.

XpDay is funded by sponsorship and I would like to ask you to consider being one of our sponsors for this year’s event.

Be a Title Sponsor

  • Your company logo will appear on the XPDay website with a link through to your site.
  • You will be able to display your own company banner at the conference. (1m wide by 2m high)
  • A room will be named at the conference with your company name.
  • You will receive a one page colour advert back page or inside front cover page in the conference magazine.

Keith Braithwaite, London Practice Lead for Zuhlke Engineering, sponsored the event for several years because:

  1. General marketing visibility (real quote from actual prospect: “Zuhlke, they’re everywhere!”)
  2. Zulke get to look (and feel) like part of the community
  3. XPDay does not, by and large, attract budget-holding decision makers, but it does attract the technical folks who act as strong influencer on buying centres.
  4. Attendees at XPDay have self-selected to be the kind of person we would want to hire. When they start thinking about places to work next, we are a bit further up the list of places they want to talk to.

Title sponsorship costs £4000 and is limited to two companies.

Other sponsorships

Be a Standard Sponsor

Your company logo will appear on the XPDay website with a link through to your site. You will receive a half page black and white advert in the conference magazine. Cost £2000

Sponsor Evening Refreshments

Your company will be recognised as providing food and drinks for our evening event. Cost £1000

Be an XPDay Hero

For individuals or small companies who wish to sponsor as a contribution to the community. Cost £500.

Next Steps

Contact us via e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help set you up as a sponsor.

We’ll be happy to create an invoice for your records and prefer payment by bank transfer or cheque. We can also arrange for credit card payments via Google Checkout, if that’s more convenient.

Thank you!

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