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As part of XPDay London 2012 we’re producing a magazine. The object is two-fold. It is a vehicle for presenting sponsors which helps keep down costs to participants. But more importantly we want it to catch the current conversation around agile development, XP, and related ideas. Particularly we want it to reflect the ideas of those who are attending or who at least would have liked to attend XPDay this year.

You are invited to contribute! There is a wide variety of material I’d love to see but particularly I’d like things you’ve already been thinking about, I’d really prefer content that’s live and current rather than something heavily worked up just for this.

I’d also really like to keep it punchy and varied, short and sweet. I’d rather take a blog post and fit that into a single page than any essay spanning many pages. The challenge in that for you as writers is like a lightning talk: present just one idea with impact, rather than wandering over a wider territory.

Beyond a favourite blog post you’ve written you might like to contribute a book review if something you’ve read has had an impact.

For me some of the most direct and insightful ideas I’ve read recently have been in tweets. So I intend a to quote the best of twitter, please send me you favourites, (@scrawlings). Perhaps you’ve been part of, or followed, a dialog in tweets that particularly struck you, I’d love to include something like that, please point me to the time and the participants.

Of course experience reports are very welcome, (and also welcome as presentations on the day). It might not be about your day job of course. Think about your participation in other groups or projects. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at lean publishing, so how did that go?

Perhaps you’ve got an idea that you’re not sure about then just get in touch.

Submissions should be between 500-1000 words, ideally in text format although I can handle basic mark up for headings, bold and italic, code and so forth. Please try to get content to us by the end of the October, or if you need more time please get in touch with us first, (email: If you need illustrations make sure they are yours to print, in a vector graphic format, and please make sure they’re directly relevant to your message. Please include any contact information you would like including email, twitter, and blog URLs. Any more questions please just ask.

Thanks in advanced for your contribution. XPDay is an event by and for it’s attendants and adding your voice here so we can make the best quality magazine is genuinely valuable.

Julian Kelsey, on behalf of the XPDay London 2012 organising committee.

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  1. Is there a PDF copy available?

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