Closing Circle

Thanks to Kathrine Kirk for facilitating the closing circle and capturing our insights highlights and ideas in our groups. Here are the results that will help us improve future events.

The feedback is captured here as stated on the individual flip charts in no particular order or grouping.


  • There is no silver bullet but fun exploring ideas
  • There is still a management, development, architecture chasm beware of them vs us but talks around cost of delay help
  • Prioritisation through cost of delay is interesting
  • No wow moments this year but lots of slow burner ideas see no silver bullets above
  • Good food and the rooms used this year have been better
  • Open space is working but need a kick starter each morning or speaker to juice things up
  • How much I don’t know
  • Cost of delay
  • Insist on doing things you dislike
  • Everybody needs a coach especially the coach
  • More large-scale agile success
  • We have become stable and dull, complacent, smug?
  • Follow up conversations & social connectivity
  • Idea prototyping and testing the water
  • Pub
  • Sessions balanced for technology and people subjects
  • Thought provoking:
    • how to measure management impact on production and value
    • cost of delay measuring value of requirements
  • Describing the ideal UI and UX person role, T-shaped
  • 1 Year Iteration – learning is the sub-iteration value
  • $ Dollar benefits are the ubiquitous  language
  • Cost of delay
  • Shorter cycles work
  • Agile works
  • People who practice agile like to share
  • Code development is becoming more social
  • I am not alone


  • more time at coffee breaks to extend conversation and explore
  • have themes still open forum
  • better WiFi


  • Better coffee (better timed)
  • Sell tickets – Commitment
  • XTC Day!


  • Wiki/Blog as outlet
  • Repeat popular sessions
  • Do second part/Advanced part of the session
  • Could we identify and try and solve some problems?
  • Start from the keynote in the morning as warm up


  • Increase the frequency of events or staying connected


  • WiFi
  • Board location (move it to coffee area)
  • Pre-conference attendee information
  • Registration queue


  • Sticky flip chart paper
  • Management sessions vs Technical sessions
  • Need a brief iteration around session scheduling
  • Invite attract more UI/UX designers


  • Better audio system
  • Somewhere to share board photo, etc
  • Hash tag for each session
  • Good WiFi
  • More keynotes (daily)
  • Better balance of people e.g. more designers, managers, etc.


  • Something other than coffee/tea/water
  • Better WiFi or none
  • Clearly communication of format
  • Main hall space has too much echo perhaps consider partition


  • More bandwidth
  • More variety of food
  • Coffee at lunch time ( we wrote this last year!!)
  • Breakout areas with more seating
  • Magazine available on day 1
  • Tech schedule available earlier – before conference


  • Admission experience reports
  • Good mix of people (as always)
  • Corridor track
  • Venue is good but too much echo in the main hall
  • Catering
  • I felt welcome to start my own session
  • Breaks were useful changes of context
  • The positive and open attitude of everyone
  • Being upstairs
  • Not bad catering
  • Open spaces
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Lack of ego
  • Great presentation/sessions
  • Keynote
  • Feedback on silos
  • Divide between dev and management
  • Discussions with people
  • Free beer
  • Organisation
  • Very good sandwiches
  • Open spaces well facilitated
  • Good evening event organisation
  • Met really nice people
  • Free beer
  • Freely sharing ideas
  • We generally care a lot
  • No selling
  • Lots of sessions raised questions, not taught stuff
  • Interactive
  • Informality
  • Bad time keeping = good timing!

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