Technical Sessions

We want technical sessions to integrate more smoothly with the rest of the Open Space at this year’s XP Day.  No more four-hour workshops in a side room, that people cannot join once they have started.

Technical sessions will take place in the same spaces as other sessions. They will have to fit in a single slot of 45 or 60 minutes (unless you can persuade enough people to invest their time in a longer session). And they will have to work with the “law of two feet”, which encourages participants to move in and out of sessions to find somewhere they can learn or contribute.

Each session space has:

  • A projector or screen
  • A table at which the presenter can use a laptop and power sockets
  • Wifi Internet access
  • Flip-chart, marker pens and post-its

The Pacman and Nyan rooms have a large table at which all participants can use laptops. The Clubhouse has a very large screen but no tables for participants. None of the rooms will have enough power sockets for all participants to plug their laptops in.

So technical sessions will have to be something different this year. But what? Perhaps a demo of a tool or technique that kicks off a discussion among the participants in the session. Perhaps exploring an idea through mob programming. Anything you can think of that works as an Open Space.

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