Registration closed

A little close to the wire, XpDay is now full. Thanks to everyone who signed up and looking forward to seeing you.

If it turns out you can’t come, then please let us know.

If you want to be on the waiting list, please add a comment to this page.

11 Comments on “Registration closed”

  1. Thomas Lant says:

    Hi all,

    I’d be interested in attending on the Monday if any places become free; if there’s space there might be another guy from my company interested, too. We’d be happy to make the suggested donation to costs.

    Background context:
    I’ve been working as part of an agile team (firstly as developer, then as manager) for the past 4 years, developing a tool that allows businesses to build and run automated services to engage with their customers via mobile (it looks like

    What we wanted to change
    As our internal company structure evolved, we needed to find an alternative development method (to Scrum) that allowed the team to collaborate more effectively with a number of other teams.

    What we tried
    Switching to Kanban

    Something that succeeded
    The move to Kanban means there is no longer a (chronic case) 4 week lead time for us to commit to delivering something to another team.

    Something that failed
    The physical board – we fell out of love with this pretty quickly. Remembering to update post-its with start/end date was boring, lousy handwriting is lousy, and tasks could fall off the board and straight into the bin :)

  2. Would like to added to the waiting list as well.

  3. Theresa Smith says:

    Can I please be on the waitlist – thank you!

  4. Suhail says:

    I’d like to be added to the waiting list. Thanks.

  5. Duncan McGregor says:

    Free on Tuesday at short notice – please let me know if you’ve a space. Thanks

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